Goggle Keep Integration for Great notetaking Ability within eM Client

Hi, consider having Google Keep as part of eM Client, i think many would love to have their notes in place with their email, calendars and tasks. in fact i dont think any other email client has Google Keep integration. you guys can be the first…

I would love to see this feature added.


Unfortunately we do not plan to implement this feature as we work on integration of Evernote service which has much more functions.

with regards

Nice. Integrating Keep is a nice idea, but Evernote could be good too. Personally, I use three note applications: Evernote, AnyDo and Keep.

AnyDo IS integrated somewhat via their manual syncing with Google Tasks. If they would give us auto syncing, this would work. AnyDo has more overlap with Keep than Evernote.

I wonder how Evernote will integrate. It’s such a monster of an app that I could only see adding a notes or emailing to Evernote as workable.

To clarify on AnyDo, my AnyDo account is linked to my Google account and then eM Client can sync it’s tasks with Google tasks. This is a useful feature of eM Client that I have just started to explore and might interest others.

AnyDo is an excellent (free) streamlined tasklist app for Android and iOS with reminders and day planning. Having a way to add or review the AnyDo<>Google task list from within eM Client is a helpful feature that links the PC to our phones and more should know about. I suppose that further integration of AnyDo might allow setting alarms and some of it’s other features, but it basically works now.

If you like Keep, then check AnyDo out. Not really the same niche though. I use AnyDo for todo list and Keep more as a bulletin board. Evernote is my file cabinet and I still can’t imagine how much it could be used withing eM beyond sending notes to it.


Jan : Thank you very much on the clarification, i dont use Evernote but i just might if its part of eM. Integration with Keep is only logical as eM already has integration with a lot of Google services.

Steve : Nice take on AnyDo, will check it out.

One more clarification to make sure that AnyDo syncs with Google tasks, you have to do manually: go to Menu>Sync> google tasks in Android. It doesn’t automatically sync to G tasks and has to be manually done every time. Let’s hope they (AnyDo) fix that, but it was probably for a reason.

AnyDo also has a Chrome Extension that does sync automatically through your AnyDo account, but I like using it from eM client better.

I suppose that eM Client could see about a widgit for AnyDo. That would be fantastic, but it’s still far less popular than Evernote and likely, Keep since that’s Google.

Again, they are complementary apps more than competitive, though Keep has checklists and Evernote is adding in checklist and reminder features soon, I believe.


unfortunately Google Keep is not planned in close future, but if enough people will request this then of course we will add it into our TODO list.

so far I can say that only Evernote will be implemented.