GoDaddy Email Account SSL Failure

In eM Client (free version 0.18661.0) I consistently get POP3 and SMTP connection failures to my email account for the domain name I own that is hosted by GoDaddy WHEN USING SSL. It does not fail with SSL turned off.

SSL access to the same account works perfectly well sending and receiving in Mozilla Thunderbird, using the same port numbers and authentication.

eM Client works fine with SSL access to Gmail and Microsoft accounts. It just doesn’t like GoDaddy’s with SSL.

My eM Client settings:
Port 995
Use SSL/TLS if available
Checked: Server Requires Authentication
Authentication credentials = my email address and password … triple checked.
Port 465
Use SSL/TLS if available
Same authentication

(These are the ports that GoDaddy Email Setup Center says to use for SSL.)

When I turn off SSL (Security Policy choice “Don’t use secure connection”) and use port 25 with SMTP and 110 with POP3, sending and receiving mail works.

Error message upon attempt to send/receive with SSL, for both SMTP and POP3 I get:
“An attempt to connect to [my email address] failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?”

I clicked “Open Account Settings.”

In the Diagnostics tab I see “Unknown” for both SMTP and POP3. I clicked “Diagnose.”

Both SMTP and POP3 come up “Server not responding.” I clicked “Fix” on each one. I click Yes when prompted whether to send authentication credentials.

Both SMTP and POP3 come up with green check icon and “Settings has been fixed.”

Nothing in the settings actually changed. They are the same as above. Same connection failures occur doing another send/receive attempt. I’ve been through this process several times, checking and rechecking everything.

Oddly, for each attempt at changing settings (or is it only when I run the diag?), eM Client’s automatic test email message shows up in my inbox (retrieved with Thunderbird, webmail, or eM Client non-SSL).

I tried changing authentication to “use identity credentials” instead of specified address and password. Same results. SMTP fails with or without authentication.

Thanks for any help or ideas.

BTW, eM Client is probably the last name I would have chosen for an email client. It’s sort of like naming a car, “Vehicle.” But that’s just me, not a marketing guru. .

Otherwise, I like everything I see in eM Client so far. I’m evaluating it as a replacement for Thunderbird, which turned out to be a disappointing replacement for Windows Live Mail.

We have the same exact problem with Go Daddy.

Glad to see I’m not the only one to report it.

It’s frustrating to think I found the best client to replace Windows Live Mail for when I upgrade to Windows 8 (I read that Live is discontinued with 8) and to replace the buggy Thunderbird which has no real support, and to be willing to pay for the program and for its tech support rather than look for a free ride with an inferior product, only to find that in fact eM Client does not work as advertised.

eM Client’s “Features Overview” ( says “Full support for all email servers and services.” It also says “supports all standard protocols.” But it does not support SSL on GoDaddy’s email services (, and GoDaddy is not a “third world” service.

I definitely will buy eM Client if this problem can be promptly and fully resolved. Otherwise, my question will be, “What do they mean by ‘full support for all email serviers and services’ and ‘supports all standard protocols’?”

Again, SSL on GoDaddy hosted email accounts DOES work with Thunderbird.

I found a fix for this … or maybe its a workaround?

In account settings, under both SMTP and POP3 tabs, instead of the default “Use SSL/TLS if available,” select “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy …)”

I have confirmed this in several tests sending and receiving on three email accounts in two separate GoDaddy hosted domains.

The eM Client diagnostics will now come up Ok for both SMTP and POP3, for whatever that’s worth. When using the diag as described in my original post here, its “Fix” function came up with “Settings has been fixed [sic]” when in fact it fixed nothing, and left the settings as they were. Apparently it does not test for the “special port” setting when trying to find the right connection for the account.

Maybe the eM Client folks will “fix” this?

“Settings fixed” would suffice, grammatically speaking, if something was fixed.

Note that the GoDaddy email setup center does not say anything about their accounts needing POP/SMTP SSL settings any different from what Gmail and Outlook ask for. This, added to the fact that Thunderbird works with GoDaddy accounts without any special port settings, leaves the onus on eM Client to either (1) add testing of the “special port” setting to their diag/fix routine, or (2) provide instructions on the use of the “special port” setting in a help dialog button in the settings view. Doing both would be nice.

Note also that upon installation/import of accounts, the eM Client “automatic” account setup failed for all of my Gmail and Microsoft accounts. It got the settings wrong for every one of them.

I’ll send eM Client a bill at my usual rate. For everyone else, this is pro bono. Happening Holidays.

Hi, it is nor fix or workaround. That is just setting port to it’s supposed security state :slight_smile:

Can you tell me if you had no issues with GoDaddy after this?


We had found that "Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy…) while trying to resolve this issue, only we have that selected on the POP3 security settings. On the SMTP security policy, we are running “Force usage of SSL/TLS”, which seems to work.

We had problems with Outlook 2003 connecting to the Go Daddy servers (it would timeout routinely) and even after switching the POP3 settings on eM Client to the legacy settings, the logs still show that repeated connection attempts cause timeout issues. Quite frankly I have never been impressed with Go Daddy. We were repeatedly listed on the spam blacklists of several major anti-spam software engines, which basically disconnected us from our software tech support people and several other email URLs. I even had to resort to using my personal email service to communicate with our tech support team.

In reply to John’s question … Regarding email POP3 connectivity with GoDaddy, I’ve had no further problems since using the legacy setting.

Not an eM Client issue, but you asked about other issues with GoDaddy: There is the spam problem with GoDaddy that Randy talked about, and I don’t know what to do about it. Email sent from my GoDaddy accounts still get shunted off to recipeints’ Junk folders (in my own tests using my Gmail and Microsoft accounts as recipients). GoDaddy support forum posts all say, basically, “Too bad.” I wonder if they really don’t care because they don’t have many people using their email servers. Not a big enough fire. Just a guess.

ok, thank you for your update on your situation, I will mark this solved.


Switching to legacy suddenly worked for me - thanks!