Godaddy account troubles

I signed on and added one of my Godaddy email accounts (, and it works well. I tried to add my second Godaddy account, and I get the message that the “account is not authorized.” Same account parameters, and the second account works fine with the Godaddy reader. How can I fix that problem?


Is your issue still current? Have you tried re-add your another account or contact go daddy support, as this is more likely their problem when your second account is working fine?

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Thanks for the reply, John. Yes, the issue is still open. I have posted the question on the Pro support board, but no answer yet.

My account is a trial account, upgraded to a Pro version, so one question is: because I am in trial, can I use it for only one account until I pay?

I think I am not limited to only one account, but I want to make sure the problem is on the eM end before I go to Godaddy.

Both of my Godaddy email accounts work perfectly in all other readers I have tried. Even the free gmail reader.

Issue is resolved, John.




I am happy that it works for you now, but can I ask what was core of your problem and it’s solution?