Go Daddy exchange server unable to login even with correct username and password

This is driving me nuts, I know that the info is correct. I have added the account through exchange on iOS with no problems, but when I add the exchange server in eMClient it cannot determine the correct settings.

If I force is to use outlook.office365.com as is listed in godaddy’s help section for what the pop imap and smtp are it just fails the login. Find my Microsoft 365 server settings | Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy - GoDaddy Help US

Has anyone else had issues running Exchange in emClient through go daddy? I searched and found some users with much more advanced issues editing the providers file but I do not understand how to integrate the code or if it will resolve this issue. Additionally another post talks about trying to use [email protected] as the login and then swapping it after it connects to the server but this did not resolve this either.

For the user name, enter the same email address.

Ask GoDaddy for the Exchange server address.

Hey Gary thanks for the response. I have already tried all those settings as you have mentioned. No success. The link I posted contains all the godaddy exchange server pop and smtp server info and still does not work with the infinite password request.

I have copied and pasted the password, and reset it through the web backend of godaddy to be sure. Still no luck

Is your server with GoDaddy or Office 365?

The DNS and website is on wix, The email server is with Godaddy.

Maybe I am missing something, but if that is the case why were you using Microsoft’s server address?

Because that is the server that the help doc on godaddys website that I linked to above says to use? Unless I’m misreading it (entirely possible)