GnuPG message sending oddity

I’ve just installed Version 8 for an extended trial, having briefly tried 7 a while back. I’ve been experimenting with GnuPG and have got a problem with encrypted mail. Sending mail to myself via my IMAP Google mail account is fine, as one would expect. Sending attachments to myself is fine. Sending mail signed using my GnuPG key is no problem. The minute I encrypt a message and try to send it to myself it appears in my Sent folder (duly encrypted) and vanishes into the aether. Checking in Google online shows the same - the message is in the Sent folder but nowhere else. It can be decrypted there - so it is not corrupted in any way. The messages are only a few Mb in size - nowhere near Googles 25Mb maximum. My GnuPG using acquaintances are AWOL at the moment so I can’t try with them - but sending message to myself works just fine with Thunderbird/Enigmail and with GPG4Win and Outlook using Windows and with Claws mail under Linux so self-messaging should be a factor anyway.

P.S. Added a bit later. I re-installed Thunderbird/Enigmail and more experimenting showed that writing to myself from my own address but from Thunderbird/Enigmail and then reading the message with eMClient worked just fine. There would appear to be a problem with eMClient which prevents it actually sending the message to a self address. It’s not a thing you would do often so maybe no-one tried it before. Anyway, it would seem to be a bug and quite a strange one too. I would still like to know why - if anyone has any ideas?