Gmails remaining unread

Set up with gmail account. When items are read on eM Client they remain unread on phone/browser. 

How is Gmail setup in eM Client? Did you do it manually and use POP3, import your settings from another email client, or did you use the Automatic Setup?

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and see if you have an IMAP or POP3 tab for your account.

I have an IMAP account. Everything was working fine until I updated eM Client yesterday. Since the update it hasn’t been syncing properly. 

The short solution: uninstall eM Client, then download and install the previous version you were using from the Release History. Make sure to NOT delete the database when asked, then all your settings and data will be there when you restart.

If this is an issue with the recent version, don’t update again until a newer version is released.

Thanks. I did this but I’m still having issues with them remaining unread on phone/browser and emails remaining in the inbox and not moving to folders. 

Right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. Allow eM Client to resync with your account and see if there is any difference afterwards.

If not, downgrade to 7.2.35595 which was the last release where everything seemed to be working.