Gmail Unread Notification Favorites

When a gmail folder (Inbox) is added is marked as a favorite folder - it does not sync when emails are read. For example… add gmail inbox as a favorite with 5 unread messages. Read 2 messages… and the notification will remain at 5 in the favorite list but updates to 3 in the regurlar list

Gmail notification

Just to confirm that I have the same issue.

Facing the same issue as reported by OP.
eg., I have added a custom folder to the Favorites List. Unread mail notification shows as 2 against that custom folder in regular list whereas nothing is shown against that same folder under Favorites!
Please fix this bug.

After all of the recent updates, this continues to be a problem with gmail unread count. The unread count does not update to reflect the correct count when tagged as a Favorite Folder.