Gmail two-factor authentication fails

Decide to try out brand new eM Client, download it, first step: set up my gmail account. Enter the address, enter the password, enter the two-factor auth code, BZZT ERROR:

You’ve reached this page because we have detected that Javascript is disabled in your browser. The page you attempted to load cannot display properly if scripts are disabled.
Please enable scripts and retry the operation or go back in your browser.

JavaScript is not disabled in my browser (or indeed any browser that is on my Windows 8.1 machine).

Does eM Client simply not support gmail despite claiming to on its website?

Hey Jon,

I am having this same problem. Same Java error as you quoted above. There seems to be little response to this yet. I posted the problem and a screen shot yesterday. I am trying to get the attention of Olivia Rust the Official Rep. The Google O Auth 2.0 seems to be not working in em client despite their website boasting it’s capability here.  My machine is a fresh build win 7 and most up to date em client install.


Happy waiting!

Another one. The short answer is “no,” emClient does not support gMail (other than as a basic IMAP mail service) if you are using 2-factor authentication. The problem is known about, apparently has been for months now but emClient claim the issue is with Google and their only solutions are to (a) disable the security of multifactor or (b) wait until they rewrite the program and release version 7 which doesn’t use OAuth2.

Apparently they’ve been trying to get hold of Google engineers to help them sort out the problem but they seem very reluctant to give us any feedback as to how they are progressing. So no-one knows how long before the problem is solved. If you’ve paid for emClient (as many of us have) it looks as if your money is wasted I’m afraid.

It is worth noting that there are many mail clients out there which also use OAuth2 which don’t have this problem at all. Yet emClient still like to blame Google rather than devote real engineer talent to the problem. Still, isn’t it nice to know they’re working on nice new colour themes for us?

Oh well. The endless search for a non-awful mail client continues…

Same with me on Windows 10. Using corporate account on Gmail. We moved to 2 factor authentication and eM client does not work any more due to java script error.
Running latest 6.0 Em Client version

I did give a helpful recommendation pointing out the pros and cons of some alternatives (which incidentally have no problem with OAuth2). But Olivia removed it claiming I was "advertising ". Trying to help a member of the community get his work done when he can’t because the product is broken is, in my humble opinion, a legitimate use is the board. But if emClient would rather devote resources to removing critical posts rather than answer the many questions they have been asked about what they are doing to resolve the issue then I suppose that will hasten people’s decisions to find an alternative where payment for a product with lifetime support gives you a modicum of support and a working product.

I face the same problem. I was looking for an alternative to my recent email program, and I found the eMClient quite promising. But this issue breaks the complete application for me.

Yup - broken. and no real effort from the team to keep us posted on their efforts to fix it (if indeed there are any). The lack of customer care has now made me think that even if it did get fixed, I’m not sure I could trust the team to support the product. I’ve paid hundreds of pounds for our licenses and consider this to be a severe breach of contract.

We figured out that the error is caused by Google’s discontinuation of oAuth support for Internet Explorer few weeks back (which was done without any information release from google’s side).
We have the workaround almost ready and will push it as an update soon.
Thank you for your patience.


Hi everyone,
the new update that fixes the Google OAuth issue is out.
Read about it in the newest announcement:…