gmail tasks - duplicate items

I see duplicateв items when I flag message.
Duplicates are created from folders: inbox, important, starred and all_mail.
You know that one message can be in many folders, and folder means label.

In client I see for each flagged item - 4 items instead of 1.

Can you please fix it.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Dmitry Safronov

Hi, unfortunately this is caused by the Gmail’s labeling system.
When a message is received by your mail server , Gmail, each message is assigned with a bunch of labels, these labels however cause that each message is duplicated on IMAP, as each label assigned creates another message with a a different UID.

This then can cause issues while viewing your email in the All Mail folder or any of your smart folders, you should however be able to avoid this issue by hiding the All Mail folder from IMAP connections.

Thank you for understanding,

Thank you, Paul!

I tried to hide folders, but items in the tasks list still appear. It will be a good to show on task list only items from unhidden folders!

When folders hidden and I flag message I see only items from unhidden folders. If I first flag message, then hide folder - I still see items from hidden folders.

Kind regards,

Hi again Dmitry, sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m still not completely sure what you’re referring to, tasks in the sidebar are displayed based on your folder selection, to select the folders click on the settings icon next to the agenda tab in the sidebar.

If you’re hiding your task folders in the left pane, note these are just moved under the more tab to use less space in the pane. You can still select these folders to be displayed, this is however an intended behavior of the application.

Thank you,