Gmail sync hanging - no errors

eM client looks great and is probably the only email client that fits my needs, but I have problems making it play ok with my email accounts. 
I have four accounts, all IMAP and two of them are gmail. 
First sync is always successful and everything looks nice. After a while when the second sync starts, everything hangs. It seems to alternate between “syncronizing message flags” and “syncroizing subfolders” (hope the translation is correct).
There is no progress in the “operations” popup, and no errors. Its just hanging. I always have to force close the program and start again, resulting in the same behaviour.

I’ve tried to turn off unneeded folders on the gmail to no use. I couldn’t find a solution on the forum, but I couldn’t find anything that helps. 
I really hope to ba able to fix this, as eM client is really my best option.

Hi, I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?