GMail stopped working and cannot get it back

I am a registered user with version 9.2.1222 and Windows 10 Pro 22H2

After months of usage, EM lost Gmail sudenly with AuthenticationAborted error.

I tried removing the account and now I cannot add it back. When I click Finish in the new account page, I am asked to allow EM Client (sign with Google), I click allow and browser asks me to launch em client, which is weird, and nothing happens. I guess auth abort is taken but not handled.

I tired to change default browser, Chrome to Edge and Firefox but that did not helped. I reinstalled EM and didnot help either.

When I check with google account, I can see EM Client is given access. I tried removing and re-adding, but failed unfortunately.

I also tried two step verification off, without sucess. By the way EM Client did not ask second step verification and return google search page instead of closing. I guess, it cannot communucate through any browser at all.

Please note that, after this problem I tried to add the account with windows mail and a trial of MailBird. They both work fine. I, turned off firewall completely, switched router and ISP as well without success. Finally, tried adding account manually and diag says server cannot be accessed.

Do you have any ideas how to solve this? Thanks for your patience.