Gmail SMTP:username/password not accepted iMAP: Invalid Credentials (Failure) - SOLVED!

I have been using eM CLient for years to a gmail account… it was working last night… and this morning it complains that the username and password is not accepted when trying to SMTP… and iMAP is complaining “Invalid Credentials (Failure)”… my phone can use GMAIL email app just fine… and I can login to a web browser using the credentials and they work… But, eM Client gets these errors…

I have confirmed that my gmail accouont has eM Client listed as a “third party app with account access”… and I have eM Client up to date (9.0.1708)… what is going on with connecting to gmail?

Gmail appears to be having some problems this morning… not sure if it is related to your problem… I noticed this

I’m having the same problem.

A have too. This is eM Client problem. Thunderbird works OK. I find this on my gmail account: “To protect your account, from May 30, 2022, Google will no longer allow the use of third-party devices and applications that ask users to sign in to their Google account with just a username and password. Important: This term does not apply to Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity customers.”

You can’t use a username and password anymore with Gmail.

Please see: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client

So this basically means that there is no more POP3??? Correct???

This is the only reason I have been buying emclient.

THANK YOU… This link did it… I just deleted and re-added by gmail account in eM Client… and I’m back in business… THANK YOU AGAIN…

FOr anyone that didn’t follow the link: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client

This basically indicated to me that the gmail account that I added back in early 2000’s… and just upgraded eM CLient over the years on the same install… just upgraded the software and never asked to change the authentication to a newer authentication type for gmail… and today, gmail just STOPPED SUPPORTING that older connection method… But, eM Client has the support for the new method… just never prompted (or had a reason to prompt) for me to change it… But, It realy can’t be “changed”… you have to delete and re-add the gmail account to get the Automatic setup wizard to add the gmail account ising the OAuth method instead of sername/password.

Thanks again Gary!!!

Uncletom, this has nothing to do with the protocols that the mail server offers… it’s just the “authentication method” that eM Client uses to authenticate to gmail… This change shouldn’t prevent you from continuing to use POP… It’s just an “auth type” difference. Delete and re-create your gmail account in eM Client according to Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client … and it should work just fine.

When I re-create my gmail account in eM Client, “POP3” is no longer an available service. Just the following services are available.





Google contacts

Google cal

Google settings

Thanks for the help.

When I re-create my gmail account in eM Client, “POP3” is no longer an available service. Just the following services are available

You can create a pop account in eM Client via “Add Account / Mail / Other” however you can no longer use a POP name and password with Gmail due to the Gmail “less secure changes”.

So you would normally now enable “secure login” in your Gmail account online, and then create an IMAP Gmail account “via the automatic wizard” as per the eM Client less secure support doc above.

So you then end up with your old Gmail POP account still in eM Client and your new Gmail IMAP account in eM Client.

You would then drag all your old POP mail to the same folders now under your Gmail IMAP acct. Then once you are sure all your old POP mail is under your IMAP account (which you can check via your Gmail account online using a browser), then you can safely remove your old POP account from eM Client.

Before doing any of the above, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” incase of any issues. You can see when the backup is completed by clicking “Menu / Operations”.

Ok, I’ve read the responses and, being a senior citizen, I’m needing a little more elaborate explanation of what I need to do. I have created a bunch of folders in my eM Client that I sort various emails to and have done so for quite some time. If I understand correctly, if I delete both the email accounts I have had active in eM Client, I will lose everything I have saved in there? So, I see there might be a way to save that but cannot for the life of me understand the instructions on where and how. I’m to scared to delete both my emails in eM Client until I can fully comprehend how to make it work again, in ‘senior’ steps if someone would be so kind as to do that please? Checking and answering email on phone or even tablet is so laborious lol… I need my eM Client back up and working asap :wink: