gmail smart folders

So Gmail’s smart folders don’t seem to import into eM Client as folders … but there are color dots next to the emails that seem to indicate a Gmail smart folder label … but there’s no way to change / relabel the smart folder … e.g. change the color dot?

Actually, Gmail’s “smart folders” are not folders but Labels. In order to show them as folders in eM Client you have to adjust settings in your Gmail account via their web client ( There are system labels and just labels that you can create yourself. For each of these labels you can decide to have them “show in IMAP”. (See screenshot)
After that you may go to eM Client, right click on your account name (left sidepanel) and choose “show/hide folders” and select “(gmail)” to be shown.

Is there a way to edit this question? It’s not the smart folders / labels that I want … it’s the gmail tabs that auto sorts email for you … those don’t seem to import into eM Client.