Gmail password change, EMClient login fail

So I changed my Gmail password and when prompted to sign in to EMC I was taken to the email confirmation screen ( google) where you type or confirm your email address, it then is supposed to take you to the password screen but for some reason it just skips this and says “couldnt sign you in” Browser or app may not be secure…???
Strange thing is I have 2 Gmail addresses working on EMC . the other on is working fine.

I have no idea where the problem lies, your help would be appreciated.
I have looked through the forum and cant find anything specifically related. I dont have a 2 step login either.


If you can definately login to Gmail via the web with the email address and new password ok, then i would suggest to try “removing and re-adding” your problem Gmail account in eM Client via the automatic email wizard and see if that fixes it.

Note:- Backup eM Client first via “Menu / Backup” if you don’t already automatically backup via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”.

Thanks for your reply. I have removed my gmail account from EMC and reloaded it but I have the same problem. Seems I cant sign into Gmail through EMC and the pop up says " this browser or app may not be secure , try using a different browser"
Is this perhaps a compatibility issue between Win 7 , google and EMC?

Any other suggestions would be helpful


One issue might be Windows 7 which is no longer supported by Microsoft, so suggest for security purposed to upgrade to at least Windows 10 if your hardware supports it & try again.

Secondly try using a differant browser like Chrome or Edge (if you haven’t tried them already), but they too might not be supported on Win 7 anymore.

What browser and version of browser are you using ?