gmail not to trash but to archive

I’m reading lots of posts that there is an archive button for gmail accounts in eM Client.  I just cannot find this.

I have a gmail apps account.  Gmail (google’s website) is set to archive anything sent to the trash, but somehow eM client moves messages to the trash instead of the “all mail” folder.

If there really is an archive button, that’d solve my problems, but I just cannot find it.  All I have is a really small X for delete — which is very hard to find and press.  Outlook was nice because the X was huge and easy to press… My inbox process is to read an email once, deal with it and archive it.

Hi, I’ve replied to another of your posts regarding this issue, you have to make sure you have the All Mail folder enabled on IMAP, also the Archiving only works in Inbox and not even subfolders of Inbox.
Can you make sure these two things are setup and that you’re missing the button in Inbox folder? Can you make a screenshot of your issue?

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Okay, the All Mail folder was set in Google to not be visible in IMAP – Under the lables setting.

I made the “All Mail” folder visible, and the archive button became visible!

Now, is there any way to get rid of the “Delete” button?  :D


Hi I’m glad it works, but unfortunately there’s no way to remove the delete button from the toolbar, there’s no configuration for any of the buttons.

Hope you can manage to use the current setting,
thank you,

Where did the Archive button appear? I did exactly the same, went to the lables setting and market hte all mail folder to be visible in IMAP but still got no Archive button…

Hi Fabio, if the all mail folder is listed in eM Client, the Archive folder should be in your inbox under your gmail account (and nowhere else). The button moves your email from the inbox to the archive (the all mail folder).

Hope this helps,