gmail not syncing after upgrading to em client 7

i have the free version of em client, which worked great for me. love the software. when i upgraded to em client 7, however, everything works (calendar, tasks, contacts) except my gmail email. I tried re-adding the account and that didn’t work. I also tried adding it manually and that didn’t work either. Any ideas on how to fix the email part? Thanks

Just an eM Client 6 user here.

Support will need more info about why or how it is not working.  Are there any error messages, for instance, and if so what exactly do they report?  

it’s exactly as mustangace above mentions - can you provide more information?
Is there an error message? Are you using the automatic setup? Do you have 2-step verification enabled (if so you might need an app password for eM Client)?


Thanks so much for getting back to me. Here is some more information:

  1. I don’t have an error message. The inbox shows empty when there should be email in it.
  2. I used automatic setup with successful login

Basically, it looks like its not getting email from my Google account, but my calendar and tasks are syncing just fine and completely up to date.

I have the same issue. I tried remaking the account many times. The error says that either there’s a timeout when contacting Gmail or we should check our settings. I use 2 step auth but version 7 uses OAuth so it doesnt let me input my app specific password. Emails are the only issue as contacts and calendar are working.

I have the same Problem. Reinstalled em Client, tried automatic and manual Setup, nothig works.
SMTP ist working (sends test mail), but shows no mail.
Very bad!

I have the same issue. One computer works fine, which started on version 6 and went through beta to release. Another where I’ve just installed version 7 and added Google doesn’t. Contact just show as empty with no errors.
The one that works is Windows 10, the one that doesn’t is Windows 8.1

After waiting an hour it’s now working