Gmail not downloading - connection failed

About once a day em client gives me the the error window that say “connection to account fail. this could be caused by temporary server unavailability…” .  Emails are not downloading.

Also, my yahoo account is not downloading.  An error message came up that reads: “Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream.”


For your GMail issues, can you please send me the logs from the third tab of the error window “Log” at the time when the connection issue occurs to [email protected]?

Also your Yahoo account - this problem is most probably being caused by your antivirus or a firewall. I suggest adding exception for eM Client in your antivirus and firewall.


I have W/10. My Bitdefender f/w is set to allow emclient. Gmail still alarms. - emclient is unusable if I can’t get Gmail to receive/send…:frowning: - Thunderbird works fine. I prefer emclient.