Gmail mail folder not visible, but Calendar and Contacts are visible and syncing.

I have successfully added my Gmail account and all contacts and calendar items have synced, but I cannot see the mail folder. All exchange mail accounts are visible but Gmail is not. Version 7.2.36908.0

I have an established installation, and this morning during a routine automatic backup of the eM Client database I received the same error message.  However, when I opened the program cuurent emails were present.  There was no change in the automatic acquisition of the emails nor their display. A gratuitous error message?

Scott, are you using a Free License? With that license you can only have 2 email accounts in eM Client. How many do you have?

Charles, what error message did you receive? I don’t see where Scott mentioned one, so I am a little confused that you “received the same error message”.

I’m on free trial, but there are 3 accounts showing (2 exchange and 1 imap) and all 4 accounts are set up in the accounts window. I’ve had problems with Gmail sync to outlook which was the reason I checked out eM. And you are correct - there was no error message. So upgrading should fix the problem?

I have the free eM Client license on Win 10, and received an error after initial boot for the day that Calendar & Contacts were visible but not the Gmail folder.  This is the second boot, and there has not yet been an automatic update so I do not know if the error message will repeat.  Will update after the next automatic update.

Thanks Scott. When in the 30 day evaluation period there are no restrictions on the number of accounts, so that is not it. 

When you setup an account in eM Client, if for some reason it doesn’t show in the sidebar, that could be because it was not able to perform the initial sync with the server. You could try removing the account, then adding it again. Also check in your GMail settings (done using the web interface) that you have NOT disabled the All Mail folder for IMAP. 

gmail settings all look correct. It’s as though eM client is not requesting access to mail. see screenshot:

Definitely something wrong there.

I just tried and I got the same thing. I would think it may be an issue over at Google because I added a test Gmail account a few days back and it worked fine. Since then I have not changed the version of eM Client I am using.

Saying that, eM Client was having issues with Google APIs recently. Maybe this is related.

I opened a support ticket with eM Client, and I will let you know what they say.

Must have been something over at Google as it seems to be working again Scott.

I’ve tried several times this weekend and still experiencing the same problem. 

What you need to do is login to your GSuite account using the web interface and remove eM Client as an authorized app.

Then go back to eM Client, delete the GSuite account, then add it again.

That fixed the GSuite permissions screen, but when I tried to add the account the inbox still doesn’t show up.  All Gmail IMAP settings appear correct and I’m not getting any error messages.

And you can add this account to another email client? (Not one where it is already setup, but add it now)