Gmail labels clear text

Why are gmail labels not clear text - they only show up as a little colored box in the email list. Label names should show in the email list and in the email itself itself.

That is the format that eM Client uses in the message list in compact view. Hovering over the coloured box with your mouse will indicate which category it is.

If you change the message list to a single line view, the category label will also be visible. To do that drag the right hand margin of the message list so that the list is wider than 600 pixels. Or you can change the display settings in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List.

Thanks for the info.  However, that is certainly NOT a solution.  When set to single line, the message list column must be excessively wide to reveal the label.  EMclient needs to do better in this area.   See the Gmail format.