Gmail labels and move messages

in Gmail when I move a message from a inbox to another folder the Inbox label gets removed and the new label applied.
When I move a message in eM Client then the label of the new folder gets applied and the Inbox label is still there.

Is there a way of getting rid of the inbox label on moving messages?
The current behavior is what I expect fro a copy, but not a move.



I am sorry for delayed answer, but for us this is working in newest version (beta RC),

so please try to update to beta 2 or wait for beta RC/full release or send me your IMAP logs from your account.

Go to Tools - Settings - Advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

then wait until you will receive your email and if you will get your issue again then send me created logs to with this topic’s url in subject.

then you can turn logging off.


thanks for your reply. Yes I can confirm that this is working fine with the latest Beta.


thank you for your information about your issue.


5 years later… and I’m having this same problem. Trying the latest version of emclient with Google Apps for Business accounts. I can move emails from my Inbox to another folder but the Inbox label isn’t removed - so they appear in the new folder but don’t disappear from my inbox.

It’s a dealbreaker for me - I don’t want to have to do two steps every time I move a message into a folder.

The thread above indicates that it should have been fixed in a beta 5 years ago. I’ve tried searching the forum but this thread is the only one I can find.

For me, it works as expected. The inbox label is removed and the mail shows only under the new label. But i don’t have Google apps for Windows, just the ordinary-folks-account.
Forgive me for two maybe very stupid questions:

  1. Are you really shure, the “offending” mail is still in the inbox, or perhaps in the “all mail” folder instead?
  2. Did you perhaps accidentally use the “copy to folder” instead of the “move to folder” command?
    The only quirk is, that eM Client doesn’t distinguish between Google labels and folders, and that eM Client’s categories are something completely different from Google labels.
    But, as I said, when I use eM Client’s “move to folder” command on my Gmail account, the inbox label is removed and the new label is assigned.

thanks for the reply. I’m “moving” the emails by selecting them in the inbox and dragging them to the appropriate folder - that works in Thunderbird and the web Gmail interface. 

  1. it still shows up in the inbox in eM Client and in Thunderbird. The “category” column also goes from showing “inbox” to “new folder name, inbox”. So it looks like it just adds a category label rather than moving it
  2. I’m dragging the emails. I also tried right clicking and the “move” command - same result.

The only way I can see to get it to work is to drag/move it to the folder then right click, categories and untick “inbox”. That’s way too hard given the hundreds of individual emails I do it to each day.

Must be some peculiarity with Google Apps for Business. I use the “move to folder” command quite often on my normal Gmail account, and even move important mails to a specific folder on my other ( account. By moving, not only the inbox label is removed, but the mail is also removed from the “all mail” folder. It doesn’t make a difference whether I click the icon, use the keyboard shortcut or drag and drop: the mail is moved (not copied) and removed from the inbox. If I move mail inside my Gmail account, the inbox label is removed and the new label assigned.
Maybe there is a way to adjust the settings inside Google Apps for Business, but since I don’t have that app, I am at my wisom’s end.