Gmail Label/Tag Errors

I am running into problems with how eM Client handles Gmail labels. For example, I have an email that is tagged only with “Inbox” in eM Client, but in Gmail, the same email is not in the inbox, and it “does” have a different label/tag, which does not show up in eM Client. The email in question is not part of a conversation, and the label/tag in question is not nested. No amount of syncing and restarting eM Client fixes the situation. And it’s not isolated. Any suggestions? TIA

(Also note: When I view my Gmail account with other IMAP Clients, the labels/tags appear correctly.)

Okay, I figured out part of the problem. I recently changed the “Folder size limits” setting in Gmail’s IMAP settings from “Do not limit” to “limit”. With the new settings, my “All Mail” folder only syncs back to mid-July. The emails that are mislabeled in eM Client are emails from earlier than that, for which I have recently changed the labels. In other words, those emails are still appearing in All Mail but not syncing to reflect recent changes, even when there is a synced copy of the same email in a label/tag folder. Rather than using the synced copy from a label/tag folder, eM Client is continuing to display the old, un-synced copy.

If some eM Client labels / tags are not synched correctly with your online Gmail account and your server limits are back to default, then could be eM Client might need repairing or may need the Gmail account removed and re-added.

So to run the repair on your Gmail account, “Right click” on the “All Mail” folder (under your Gmail account" on the left side of eM Client, and then click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair” tab at the top. Finally click “Repair”. This will re-sync all your mail and labels etc from Gmail.

Note:- Repairing can take time as it clears all the local eM Client cache and starts new again.

Failing that remove your Gmail account from eM Client, and then re-add your Gmail account (via the automatic wizard) at the top, and make sure you click (Allow) near the end of the wizard to allow eM Client access to your Gmail account.

Note:- Lastly before repairing or removing your account, make a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

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Thanks very much for your help. Initially, I tried repairing “All Mail”, and that fixed “All Mail”, but then I noticed that other label/tag folders only included emails going back to mid-July (the cut-off for All Mail), whereas Gmail’s IMAP settings should allow 2000 messages per label/tag folder. So, I went ahead and removed and re-added my account, and now everything looks good. Now each label/tag folder includes the full number of conversations.

Going forward, if I keep the same Gmail IMAP settings, will eM Client know how to handle emails that end up being “past the cutoff” – in other words, emails that are already downloaded in All Mail but no longer within the 2000 email quota?

I did some further testing, and the problem continues. Here are the steps that created new problems:

  1. Set Gmail IMAP settings to limit to 2000 messages
  2. Add Gmail account to eM Client
  3. Once everything is synced, go to the oldest messages that appears in All Mail in eM Client. For one of the oldest messages that has no labels/tags, give it a label/tag, and wait for everything to sync, confirming that the message appears in its corresponding tag folder and also appropriately labelled in Gmail.
  4. From another account, send several new messages to one’s Gmail account until the recently tagged message no longer appears in All Mail in eM Client (due to being beyond the 2000 message quota). Confirm that the message no longer appears in All Mail.
  5. Now, go to the corresponding tag folder. The message in question should still appear there, but it does not.

Observations: eM Client is the only email client I know of that independently recreates an integrated way of working with Gmail’s labels, where the same message can have multiple tags/labels. (The other clients that do this are simply front-ends for the Gmail interface.) But there seems to be a problem here with messages that are newly exluded by quotas in one folder but shouldn’t be excluded in another folder.

  1. Set Gmail IMAP settings to limit to 2000 messages

I suspect then maybe eM Client has been designed to work with a Gmail account that has not been limited. I have seen a similar thing on another thread sometime ago with a Gmail account, but cannot remember which thread it was.

Do you have to limit it because you don’t have enough space on your Google Drive account ?

If you don’t limit it, does everything then work ok ?

Observations: eM Client is the only email client I know of that independently recreates an integrated way of working with Gmail’s labels, where the same message can have multiple tags/labels

I personally do like it how you can assign multiple tags & labels to emails and use that feature alot.

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Yes, I agree. Regarding the limit, the problem is that the Gmail setting applies across the board, and most clients will automatically download whatever Gmail makes available (although eM Client has a nice setting to arbitrarily choose how far back to go). So, the problem for me with disabling the limit is that I have some devices where ROM is running low (e.g., my iPhone), and I want to be able to access my Gmail account with IMAP clients that don’t include a choice about how far back to download (e.g., Presidio). So that’s why I recently turned on the 2,000 message limit. But in answer to your question, yes, everything works well if I disable the limits.

And yes, I agree, it’s very cool how eM Client handles multiple tags/labels. I don’t know of any other software where it would be possible to filter by multiple Gmail labels and sort the results as desired.

Update: I tried labeling all unlabeled email (Gmail search “has:nouserlabel”) with a temporary label and then repeating the steps above, but the problem continues. So, for now, eM Client appears to have an inherent issue with Gmail labels when Gmail IMAP limits are enabeled. I guess I should file a bug report…

This issue has been at least partly resolved in a recent update. So I am going to mark this as the solution for now. If I detect the problem again, I will reopen.