Gmail imap slow - Why?

I am using Gmail set for imap. I have several thousand emails. When a new email comes in, when I click on it, sometimes it takes a long time to display. When I click on it later, it is very fast. Why is this happening?

Hi, do you have “download messages for offline use” option checked maybe?

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I have two accounts setup. Both have thousands of emails.
One is Hotmail, the other is Gmail.

The Hotmail is really fast and the gmail is very slow. The “download messages for offline use” box is not checked for the Gmail account. Should it be checked?

Hi, depends on if you want to download the messages for offline use, but the issue has a similar behavior like if it was.
How long does it take to load an email?

The thing is eM Client usually downloads only the headers of emails and thus it has to load the rest once you click on the message, it might be the cause of the issue, since both accounts use a different service for synchronization, but it also might be caused by something else.


Is there anyway to get em client to download the complete email with the exception of the pictures instead of just the headers?

If I enable the download for offline use, will that then download the complete email when it comes in instead of just the headers?

Hi, yes there’s an option for that if you go to Tools > Accounts > Your Account > IMAP and check the checkbox “Download messages for offline use”, there will be another active box under it asking you whether you want to download it with attachment and images.

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Looks like this issue was still not fixed. Even though I have ticked “Download messages for offline accesss” the emails still take 2-3 seconds to display which is really not good for workflow. Thunderbird, Outlook or Mailbird display the emails instantly for me.

After clicking the emails they are accessible instantly, so looks like that that the unread emails are actually not downloaded for gmail.

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I also have noticed this in the 7.1 beta.  It seems like the “Download for offline use” is somewhat of a hybrid now-- downloads only the headers initially to speed up the sync process and then downloads the email body the first time the message is opened.  Not sure if this is good or bad, maybe just different.  I guess it is good in that junk does not need to be downloaded, saving time.