Gmail IMAP only shows 30 days of past messages

I have set up eM Client with my Gmail account using IMAP. Sending and receiving are working normally. However, all of my IMAP folders from Gmail only show one month (30 days) of message history in the eM Client. I have searched everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be a setting where this can be changed in the eM Client software.

Is it possible to configure the eM Client to pull all messages from my Gmail IMAP folders and not just the last 30 days? Do I need the Pro version for this functionality?


No, you do not need the Pro Version.

All the messages should display, but it is possible that the sync has stalled, or is just not yet complete.

You can right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair, and that should resync the contents for you.

Thank you for the quick reply, but there is no “repair” function anywhere in the eM Client software I can find. There is no Repair anywhere in the eM Client help index either… do you mean make a repair somewhere in Gmail?

Have a look at your Gmail folders in eM Client.

Do you see one called All Mail?


Right-click on that folder and choose Properties > Repair.

Thank you I did find it and this appears to be working.

I had been looking at [Gmail] All Mail properties, but repair was in All Mail properties instead.

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