Gmail IMAP Error - not syncronize with ALL MAILS folder

Hello, guys!

I downloaded emClient in order to test wanted to get out of Live Mail (Microsoft) after reading about emClient. But emClient cant work fine with me.

I just added a Gmail and Microsoft account.

In Gmail i get this error: "for Gmail and Google App accounts, em Client syncronizes the ‘all mail’ folder. It apperas that IMAP access for this folder on account is currently disabled and syncronization will fail"

But all this options on Gmail will active, turned on. I already have uninstalled emClient, but no solution. In Gmail is all ok because with Windows Live Mail client from Microsoft it works.

I would like to use emClient, but, no way till now!

Does anyone can help me, pls?


we encountered these issues before.
Could you perhaps scroll down in the label’s section and show me the list of your folders?
The problem is usually with folders starting [Gmail], [Google mail], etc.
You must rename these so they all use the same prefix of the folders are viewed as 2 separate accounts.


Hi, Olivia!
Thanks for reply!

What i have is this:

Where need I rename? The start folder is called “entrada”. i see only this as start folder.

Hello Ranez,
I actually meant the label list at the very bottom.
They would start right under the ‘Create new label’ button that is at the bottom of your last screenshot

I dont have labels there

Please, accept my sorry!!! I was showing a different account. The right account is this:

now it seems ok!!! thanksssssss!!!