GMAIL-Folders don't sync

Version 9.1.2109 on Win 10.
Emclient Labels display but all are empty.
New emails show up in Inbox and All Mail in both gmail and emclient.
Old emails do not show in emclient Inbox and All Mail, but show in gmail.
If I copy a new email from Inbox to a Label, the email does show in the emclient Label.
Gmail move an old email to Label, the email does not show in the emclient Label.
No sync errors.
Gmail shows all Labels with emails.
I was using avg antivirus, but completely removed it. Microsoft defender now used.
Another imap account(not gmail) works perfectly.
Have uninstalled/installed emclient, same problem.
Any ideas?

Sorry, I forgot to mention there are only a total of 561 emails, not a lot.

Have also did a REPAIR, did not help.

I’m getting the same thing here, Ya got ta love updates.

If repairing your Gmail account still does not sync all your labels, then suggest two options.

1). Either restore a previous eM Client backup that you know was working / synching ok via “Menu / File / Restore”. If you haven’t been doing backups then go to step 2.


2). Remove the Gmail account via “Menu / Accounts” and then re-add via the automatic email wizard.

Note: If you do remove the Gmail account, backup first via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Everything was working ok until I was forced to upgrade from ver 7 to ver 9. Since then, Gmail account never worked. I have already deleted Gmail account and re-added automatically, no joy.

As I stated in the first post, new emails work ok. It is just not syncing old emails.

Ok as you have then then already tried repairing your Gmail account and also tried removing and re-adding your Gmail account and same old mail synching problem, then could be when the program installed / updated something went wrong on the installation or you have some sort of database issue.

So next try uninstalling eM Client and “Dont delete the database” when asked on uninstall. Then download the same version from the version history page and reinstall and see if that fixes it.

If that still fails, you would then have to look at renaming or deleting your current eM Client database and setup as brand new. But hopefully the uninstall and reinstall of the program will fix it.

I just encountered the same issue with v9.2.1222.0. Some, but not all, of my Gmail folders weren’t syncing with EM Client. For example: ParentFolder1 has SubFolder1, SubFolder2, and so on. Mail items in SubFolder1 would sync, items in SubFolder2 wouldn’t sync, and some (but not all) of the items in SubFolder3 would sync, while the others would not.

So I did the following as suggested here and in other similar threads:

  1. Checked my Gmail settings and verified that “All Mail” was configured to show in IMAP. (It was.)

  2. Backed up my EM Client database.

  3. Repaired my Gmail “All Mail” folder in EM Client. (That didn’t fix it.)

  4. Removed and re-added my Gmail account in EM Client. (That didn’t fix it either.)

  5. Uninstalled the EM Client program, leaving the database folder in place, then reinstalled the same version 9.2.1222.0 from EM Client website. This finally fixed it for me.

Good luck to other who find themselves here. I just wanted to share what worked for me since the OP of this thread never returned to report whether they’d fixed the problem.