Gmail Flagged Not appearing in Em Client All Mail

Having problem. I have a gmail filter flag like this:

To specific email, Specific Subject, Star it, Never sent to spam, Mark as important, Customer Filter Label,

But emails are not appearing when I click All Mail Inbox in em client. It supposed to show all email right? Email get visible in filter label box Only in em client which created by gmail.

I tried removing Custom Filter label and kept everything else. But it that still does not work on em client. Email just not appears on inbox and in all mail box.

Only if I manually tag email as inbox through em client make it pass to inbox.

How can I fix this issue and have it work with my gmail filter? So I get all filter label or non label filter email in all mail box?

What version of eM Client are you running ? Also do you have Windows or Mac and what OS version ?

9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5)
Windows 10 64bit

Ok. so you have a very recent version of eM Client so that should be ok.

If you want to try the latest version to see if it fixes that issue, there is a brand new release of eM Client just come out today on the version history page 9.1.2053. If you do d/l it to try, close eM Client before installing it and also backup eM Client before you install it via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Can you screenshot your Filter Rule in this Thread and one of the forum guys "who are good with rules "might be able to help you.

The only thing i can suggest is to check online in Gmail and see if there is any rules setup there that might be overriding the local eM Client rules and affecting it.

Also when you go to “Menu / Rules” in eM Client you can change rules for Local or Server directly now, so check in Rules via the dropdown menus at the top (if you haven’t seen that before) in V9.x

I have tried with update version. Problem is still same. What I wanted to do is:

If I apply a filter on gmail side then I need my emails to be visible on ALL INBOX tab at em client along with its filter label. But assiging filter moving the content to another different flagged folder and not appearing on ALL INBOX. I didn’t set SKIP INBOX on Gmail. Then why its happening here?

There’s no rules conflict. Each rule have unique from address, I tried in many different ways. I am trying to use the JOB INVITES filter from gmail side. Now I have assigned a folder for it. and drag and drop the folder at top for visibility on client. This rule isue did not happen before. I started noticing it right after Gmail filter updates on EmClient. Before that everything was fine. This is my first issue addressing after years of happily using EmClient.

One more issue I found, Custom Notifications is not working correctly. I set default global notification to show no pop up only. And for one address to show pop up and everything active. I saved and exited and launch Em Client again and it work still. But once PC reboots settings get restored. and everything is off on Incoming mail Custom Set for that specific email.

Any help would be appreciated.