Gmail Error after latest update

Hi, Updated my EM client to 8.2.1237 last night and now when i open it i get a gmail error. Asking to put in the user name and password for my gmail accounts. error is this

'Server says ‘Google.APis.Request.RequestError
Request had invalid authentication credentials. EXpected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authenication credential. See
https// [401]
message[Invaid Credentials] Location[Authorization - header]
Reason[authError] Domain[global]’

I put in my valid email and password into the pop up box, click save password and the pop up closes. When i hit refresh at top, emails are received and i can send as long as i leave EM open.

As soon as i close EM and reopen it, i get the same error message. I clicked cancel on the pop up this time and yet again i can send and recieve emails for gmail with no issues but yet when i close EM and reopen i get this pop up again and again.

Any suggestions or fix?

Sounds like the upgrade didn’t work 100%.

If you have make a new / recent backup already (prior to the upgrade last night) that was working, restore that via “Menu / File / Restore” and eM Client should then update any new Gmail within a few minutes.

Or failing that “if you have a an IMAP Gmail account” suggest to try removing the account and then re-add as new. Make a backup first via “Menu / Backup” before removing & re-adding the acct.

I had this too, first thing this morning after the new update.

All three gmail accounts throw this error, other non-gmail are unaffected. After investigation, I now see that they are actually working - send and receive OK - I am hoping that an update to the update is on the way.

Tried restoreing prev backup and same error
Tried uninstall and reinstall (without deleting backup) and same error

Ended up going File -> export -> EM client settings then uninstalling including deleting the backup and then fresh install and File -> Import -> EM client settings and it installed fine and no error message now about google accounts.

Just had to wait for EM Client to download the folders from GMail again but seems to open now with no error pop ups.

Not sure if it will work if you have other non google emails but seemed to work for the Gmail error.

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Almost. I did everything you did, and it created duplicates of my three gmail accounts. Eight other accounts were fine. Deleted one of each gmail account, closed and opened, and now all but one gmail account are fine. I think what happened is I picked the wrong one to delete.

Yep. I just did another settings import, said “no” to all accounts except the one that still had trouble. Made sure I saw where it put the second one. Then deleted the first one, now all is well. Thanks!