Gmail duplicate incoming emails

Anybody seen this problem?

Every incoming gmail I receive 3 times to my emClent inbox. This occurs in the emClient software on my Windows 10 laptop, and confirmed is not being sent by sender 3 times: confirmed in my gmail online inbox and also on my phone running standard gMail app. Any guidance?

I have several gmail accounts but only this 1 is giving me problems. I have compared the Account Settings in emClient and they appear to be the same for my other gmail accounts that are performing correctly. I also reinstalled the latest version of the emClient software from this webpage. I removed the gmail account and then added it back. Rebooted multiple times. Problem began maybe 4 days ago.

Thanks everyone!

Right-click in the body of one of them and choose Properties. Make a note of the UID. Do the same for the two copies. Do they all have different UIDs? If they do, they are three individual messages on the server.

It is possible you have a local or server Rule in eM Client that is copying the message to the same folder, or maybe a filter on the server or on another device connecting to the same account that is doing that.

The UID is the same in all 3 instances. There is no emClient Rule on either the server account or a local rule. No Rule specified in gmail online either. emClient is also reflecting 2 tags on each of the three emails: Inbox, Important. I have turned-off the imporance Tag online in gmail too. Any further guidance for me to look at? Thanks.

If the UID is the same, what folder are you in when you view these messages?

Gary, I see all 3 emails with the same UID in the Inbox of that gmail account in emClient, and also in my Favorites All Inboxes.

Also very strange, when I delete one of the emails the other 2 (duplicates) automatically get delete from the inbox too.

There is a Gmail forum thread on this where duplicate emails “were appearing online in the same Gmail Inbox”. There is some different user solutions there on this. See the link below.

“Duplicate emails to the same Gmail Inbox”

Apart from the suggested solutions in the above Gmail thread, make sure you have no eg: auto forwarding setup to your own Gmail address “in your Gmail account online” as I’ve seen before.

Problem resolved. Apparently there was some corruption of 2 of my gmail accounts in emClient. The emails arriving from a third gmail account were also appearing in the emClient inboxes of the other 2 inboxes. They were not actually there, just appeared to be there. When I removed those 2 Accounts from emClient and then readded the same 2 Accounts, the phantom emails were no longer there.

Maybe other emClient users have had a similar occurrence. If you have an Account acting funky–remove it and then add it again.