Gmail download not happening

I’ve had a problem with gmail downloading in smalll batches for some time, but now no gmail messages are downloading. I can still send gmail messages via eM Client, and sending and receiving emails with my college email address is working, it’s just that gmail does not download. I haven’t changed any settings - this just started happening in the middle of the day today. There are no error messages. I’d appreciate any suggestions for fixing this.

Fwiw, I do not sync gmail with eM Client (and do not want to).

@Hannah Could be the Gmail Cache in EM Client is a bit corrupted.

To clear the cache from all your current local Gmail Synced folders and Re-Sync the Gmail Cloud folders & email again to your local EM Client do the following.

“Right Click” on the Gmail “All Mail” folder (under your Gmail account) and then click “Properties” on the menu at the bottom. Next click the “Repair” Tab at the top right. Finally click “Repair”. You will normally then see all your Gmail folders disappear, and then re-appear after a bit and your email come back. When you click on your email again, it will take a short time to re-read each email till cached.


Next if that still doesn’t work, then you will have to completely remove your Gmail Account and Re-add the Gmail account as new as might then be a corrupted account in EM Client.

Lastly if a new Gmail account doesn’t work either, then uninstall EM Client and delete the database when asked on the uninstall and download the latest V8 client from the Em Release history page and install and setup as new -

Note:- Before you do any of the above, click “Menu / Backup” to make a backup of your current database if you don’t have one already so you can restore if needed.

@Hannah If you still are not getting your Gmail to download after doing the above, then you must have a program like and eg: Optional Firewall , Optional Antivirus program etc on your computer blocking or interfering with Em Client. Disable any optional programs like these if installed (to troubleshoot) as well.

Thanks. I decided to try switching to Thunderbird instead. That seems to be working well, just need to figure out how to import my folders and calendar. I think there is a commercial product that will do the trick.

Out of curiosity I tried finding the All Mail folder to try your suggestions, but there is no Properties option when I right click. This is in the gmail online interface. In eM Client, I don’t see a folder with that name under my gmail account.

@Hannah If you carn’t see the “All Mail” folder in EM Client, its then just hidden.

“Right click” on your “Gmail Account” above the inbox in EM Client as per example screenshot below and click “Show/hide folders” on the menu. Then scroll down till you see “All Mail” & click on “Hide” at the end and change to “Show”. Finally click “Ok” at the bottom of the window.




Note:- If you don’t see the All Mail in the EM Client Show / Hide folder screen then you will need to also enable it in the Gmail Settings “Label” options online. By default Gmail hide the “All Mail” folder.


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I appreciate the clarity and helpfulness of your response. In Gmail, show All Mail is (and already was) enabled. Are you sure that the eM Client shots you are sending are from a POP mail setup? My menu does not have Show/hide folders. This is what I see.


@Hannah Yes my screenshots are from a default Gmail IMAP account.

@Hannah The Show / Hide option is also available in the Gmail POP account, by right clicking on the Gmail account (in your case right click and not inbox.

However even if you do that with a POP Gmail account there is now option to show “All Mail” in EM Client Show / Hide folder window. Only seems to appear in IMAP Gmail accounts.

I setup a POP Gmail Account in EM Client and worked perfectly, but you have to enable the (Less Secure settings in your Gmail Security Online) as advised by Google for POP Account. If you don’t enable Less Secure you won’t receive any email at all and usually get red triangles or invalid passwords.

This is the POP Gmail Settings i used in EM Client and Less Secure option i set in Gmail Security.



Note:- I run a stock Windows 10 (V2004) and just use the built-in Windows Security program.

I have those same POP settings and have less secure apps enabled in gmail. It’s been a mystery for more than a year – I would have to send/receive, send/receive, send/receive to get all my messages in. I don’t think I’m running any special virus software. I wondered if my folder sizes overwhelmed eM Client as I have a lot of mail downloaded – 20 years’ worth. But anyway, I hope to get my folders copied over to Thunderbird within the next couple of days and then I’ll be all set there. Sending and receiving is working without issue.