Gmail Distribution Lists/Groups do not appear in EMC

I have groups (distribution list) setup in Gmail, yet they do not pull into EmClient. Under the CONTACTS menu of EMC, under the GMAIL category there is a drop-down for CONTACTS with all the subcategories. 2 of those sub-categories are groups/distribution lists with all the correct address included. Yet when I type the name of the distribution list in the TO field or an email or if I attempt to search the contact in EMC, it brings no results.

Hi Jon,
the groups shown in the dropdown in contacts (in the subfolder tree if I understand this correctly) are not distribution list (at least not in eM client).
If you want to use these distribution list, you have to go into that group, select all the contacts, right click the selection and chose “create new distribution list”.
This will create the distribution list available to use in eM Client.

Thank you,