Gmail different folders doesn't show messages

I have different labels set up but when I create my account, I see these labels showing up as folders in eM Client but none of the messages are synching in that folder. Is there a way to force sync so that all my messages with these labels in Gmail also show up in eM Client?

Labels in Gmail are Folders in emclient  
In Gmail  settings  make sure the labels   that you created or want have the " show in imap"    clicked on the far right side of the gmail label screen    ALso the “ALL mail”   label in gmail must also be checked.
I assume that you are using imap rather than pop3

One can hide that folder “all Mail” in emclient so it is not visible but it is needed for emclient to work properly. 
To hide or show emclient folder  move mouse over Account heading in the mail screen then right click to get a pull down   Look for option in pulldown  hide/show  

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the response. All my “Show in IMAP” is checked other than Chats. “All Mail” is also checked.

The problem I’m getting is that some messages are being downloaded in these labels/folders but not all. It seems like it may be only downloading recent files or there’s a setting somewhere that doesn’t allow downloading of all mail on the Gmail server.

Another example is the Trash folder. There are some messages there but not all.

Do you happen to know if there’s a way to forcefully download all messages so that all my labels/folders will have the same messages that are in Gmail?


Right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair.

That will delete the local cache and force a re-sync of the folder.

That didn’t seem to work either. I did notice if I remove the label and re-add it in Gmail, then it shows up? I might have to test this more because I only did it on one email but any other suggestions are welcome since this will be quite annoying.

The fix seems to be changing labels in Gmail and it’ll update. On some folders/labels, I noticed there was an “Update” label and when I removed that it started showing up as well.

I don’t have Properties>Repair option on the folder.
I have local folder/label in gmail called Wazne what means Important.
After syncing I received two folders named Wazne (Important) in emClient.
In Thunderbird I have folders named Important and imap/Important.
I changed folder name to Wazne Info (Important info) in emClient and it changed label name in gmail and folder name in emcLIENT, but folder in emClient is still empty…
Any clue what is going on there? Any solution?

If your account is setup as IMAP, you can remove your GMail account from eM Client, then add it again. See if that makes any difference.