Gmail delete behaviour

I’m using EMClient 7, connected to GMail using IMAP.    When pressing the Delete key to delete a message from the Inbox, it asks to delete the message but it remains in the inbox.    The only way to actually delete a message it appears is to SHIFT+Delete,  then it disppears

is there a way to configure it to delete with just pressing the Delete key or by dragging and dropping an email into the bin ?

Hello Andy,

Which version exactly are you using? In the newest versions the Delete button should already work for Gmail accounts.


I am on version  7.2.34711.0

the delete function worked correctly in EMClient version 6

just tested again with my Gmail account and if I click on the delete button on the toolbar nothing happens, the message remains in the inbox.    the only way to remove seems to be to perform a Shift+DEL hard delete.

Hello Andy,

It seems as wrongly set labels so the “Trash” label is not attached to the email. Please check the label options in your Gmail webmail settings for a fix.


Hi Russel, 
can you elaborate please,   I’ve had a look in the Gmail webmail settings and there are various settings to do with IMAP and labels,   can you provide more details regarding how the Gmail label settings should be set up to work with EMClient?


I’ve discovered the problem.

In the Gmail account settings in EMClient,  under the IMAP ‘Special Folders’ I noticed that trash was just set to ‘Trash’ without the [Google] prefix,  and automatically detect folders was enabled.    I checked in the Gmail settings under Labels, and the system label ‘Bin’ did not have ‘Show in IMAP ticked’.   so I closed EMClient, ticked the Show In IMAP box then reloaded emclient.       The IMAP settings for trash has now updated to [Google]\Bin  and the delete button is now functioning properly.