Gmail Contacts missing "Other Contacts"


Google Contacts (Gmail) has this category “Other Contacts”, which is actually the same like eMC “Recipient History”. Every contact i had a conversation with, will get collected in this category.

In Google contacts they are not actually saved contacts, just a history log (“Other Contacts”).

But what makes this so awesome is, that exactly this feature is responsible for the email address Auto-Completion feature. So it works while being in Gmail, but it does not work while working in eMC.

It’s because eMC has its own recipients history, which completely ignores the Google one.

Now this is really bad, because i have over 2000 of those in my Google “Other Contacts”, which i don’t want to add to my actual contacts. They are just for auto-completion.

But the only thing which eMC is syncing are actual Contacts or any Contact with a specific label/tag.
The problem is that this labels/tags will never sync, because Google will always “just” store them in “Other Contacts” and don’t give them automatic labels.

So why isn’t eMC either including the “Other Contacts” folder of Google Contacts into the program, so they can be used for auto completion or adds those Contacts directly to the in-buildt “Recipients History”?

I would love to buy a PRO License, but without this Feature i don’t see me doing it.

Thanks for help!

This is because the Other Contacts label is not synced through the Google API.
So these contacts are not accessible in eM Client.

Thanks for your reply!

I have used another program before in which it was actually working.
I don’t know if i should call its name here and i don’t know how they did it, but it works.

I just don’t want to use their software, because it has a REALLY bad performance on windows, as its mainly build for android as a Gmail alternative.

But there must be a way of doing it:

I could label the “Other Contacts” manually, but like this they will never be in sync if i work on Gmail at Android and on emC at windows. And sadly there is no emC for Android. I would need to always manually check them, which is nothing im going to do.

If you could forwards this to the Team it would be great.
But if you think there is no chance of this being implanted i would need to continue my Search for a new Email Client.