Gmail - ConnectionException: Authentication aborted because none of the schemes announced by server (XOAUTH2, PLAIN, PLAIN-CLIENTTOKEN, OAUTHBEARER, XOAUTH) is supported


I have just started a new job and they use “Google Suite” for everything. I have always been used to using Outlook on my PC/Laptop. I started using eM Client about 6 months ago when I was made redundant. I have now tried to add my new company account to eM Client but get the above error.

Has any one had teh same issue?

Many thanks in anticipation

Regards - Kevin

eM Client usually works just fine with G-Suite.

Did you setup the account with the Automatic Setup?

What version of eM Client are you using?


Version 8.0.3385 (83a873c)

Yes, automatic set up.

Thanks - Kevin

One thing you can try is to completely disable your anti-virus/firewall and VPN, then remove the account from eM Client and add it again. See if there is any difference.