Gmail Categories/Tabs support?

I guess I’m one of the few who really likes Gmail Categories/Tabs (Social, Forums, Updates, Promotions) - but hate the gmail web interface.

I just got eM Client and like it a lot, but I don’t see native support for these tabs, just have everything in Inbox. I see support for labels - is there a way I could extend this to Categories/Tabs?

Hi, Unfortunately we are not planning to implement this in close future, because we focus on more required features requested by our clients/users.


Too bad!   I am trying this for the first time, and that is the first thing I noticed… went from a manageable inbox on Gmail to one cluttered with so many promotions and such I couldn’t find my email… I think Gmail does a great job at categorizing this stuff (promotions, social, updates, etc.) and giving that up is tough when trying to convert to something like this… I wish you would reconsider this feature - perhaps convert the “tabs” in gmail to subfolders or something in EM…  Just a thought…  Other than that usability issue, the interface is very nice.

Hi Ken, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider making this change in future releases, however as John previously stated the feature is not planned.
Maybe in the future though.

Thank you for your input on this feature,

The more I use Gmail, the more I like the tab features.  If it were possible to have the TABBED emails go into different Categories or folders, that would suffice.  The inbox clutter is massively improved with the tabs feature!  This, in my opinion, is the new standard for inbox management. Please consider anew.  Thanks. 

Hi just updating in 2020, it’s still not possible. You can get Gmail to apply a LABEL to their CATEGORY, like Category:Promotions  - assign label of imap-promotions.  And that comes over to Em client just fine.  However it’s not possible to create a rule based on a label (i know).  So the whole thing is worthless.  It’s a nice client but zero management, it’s simply not usable for people receiving 1000+ emails a day. 

eM Client interprets Gmail’s labels as folders, so those messages will be in those folders. Unfortunately eM Client’s Rules only apply to the Inbox, so any messages that have Gmail labels, means they are not in the Inbox, will not be affected by Rules anyway.

I noticed the same problem in eM Client and it basically kills my interest in it. Dozens emails in one folders is really a nuisance.
Interestingly, many other mail clients have the possibility to use Gmail categories/Tabs, incl. ones for Android, iOS and W10 (eg. Wundermail).
How many users should request this feature for the developer to become interested?

There are two features I am missing in eM client from Google: Gmail inbox categories and Google chat.
The option to display my inbox messages in eM client using Gmail categories (Primary, Promotions, Social, Updates, and forums) would make me abandon the web Gmail interface.
I received an email from Gary C. at eM client support to let me know that this feature is in the works and should be released in version 10.
I can’t wait for version 10 to be released.
Keep up the good job on the eM client!


Yeah, for those interested . .

Unfortunately that won’t happen because Google ended support for it in June 2022. :sob: