Gmail calendar does NOT sync when edit events

Since forever I can remember when editing a Gmail calendar event within eM Client it does NOT update and sync to the Gmail Calendar online server, so I have to keep going online to actual Gmail calendar and edit/delete events etc … does this actually work for anyone?
Any fixes?
Ps … also anyway to cancel looking for updates everytime it starts?

Hello Robin,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, this is not standard behavior. Could we first of all ask if you use the newest version 6? If that is not the case, please download it from here:

If that doesn’t help, we’d ask you for more information. Are you getting any errors/messages?  If it is so, could you please post a screenshot of the messages/errors that the program displays? Please also post the log from the tab Log in the Operations window (Menu->Tools->Operations)? Just select all with Ctrl+A and use Ctrl+V to copy it here.

It is possible to disable the update notice if you’re a Pro user.