Gmail bouncing mail sent from Distribution list

This is happening consistently and does not happen using another email client. Error 550

Gmail should give more information about why it is blocking your distribution list. Please include all information you get back from Google as to why it blocked your message. Then we can figure things out. There are about a dozen possible reasons for a 550 error.

So exactly how did you setup your send? What did you put in the To: slot? Was the distribution list put in the bcc or cc or to? And again, what more information did Google provide besides the nebulous 550 error?

So mail was sent with self in the To: field and distro list in the BCC:
The image shows the useless message that typically results in the bounce back.

So, I do not understand the issue. Gmail is bouncing messages sent to AOL accounts? It appears from your image that AOL is blocking you, not gmail. Gmail is simply reporting that AOL has blocked your message. what does LEARN MORE show?

Is the message blocked by gmail or aol? Also, exactly what does “self” mean? Did you put in 1. your email address or 2. the word self or 3. [self] or what?

How many people are in the distribution list?

and are you getting blocks from each and every one of them each individually specified? So, if 20 people were in your distribution list, Google is sending you 20 separate messages, refusing to send, each one of the messages, or are you only getting blocked by Yahoo and AOL?

What account are you sending from and what smtp server are you using? What I’m getting at here is do you have a return address of but are sending from Gmail using

Most important question is what did Learn more show?

self = my email address (Gmail)
sending address is my Gmail account …recipients are of all various providers including Gmail AOL Yahoo etc. makes no difference…all are bounced back. The “learn more” yields generic information that is of neg liable help. So to answer, Gmail SMTP server is blocking the mail. Return address in Emclient is my Gmail address. The main issue here is that the same exact distro group can be sent a message via the old Windows Live Mail without issue yet it’s bounced back in Emclient.

  1. How many are in your distribution list?

  2. Confirm that if you have 50 people in your distribution list, you get 50 messages from google blocking each individual one using each individual one’s email address as blocked

  3. What is in the learn more? I know you don’t think the information is useful. It might not be. But perhaps someone here will see something you missed.

  4. Try sending a new message with a new distribution list of 2 people. Perhaps another email address of yours, and also a friend, or two other addresses if you have them. Let’s see if it has anything to do with the list.

  5. Confirm that you can send from your gmail account just fine using emclient just to eliminate a generic problem with the gmail smtp server connection.

Tried all of your suggestions. Still getting bounce backs. Can send single emails from account without issue. Creating new distro list doesn’t help. This is still an issue with the application, since sending to a group with the same members from WIndows Live mail has no bounce back problems.