gmail authentification fails

whenever i try to set up my gmail account through autosetup, the authenification process fails.

I’m able to insert my Mailadress and account password, i click on login an the get just a “white Window”, where I should allow emclient to use my google data…

any ideas, cause I’m really frustrated?

Thx for your help

Hi Stephan,
I recommend trying this release first >… < as it includes some recent google authentication fixes and see if it solves your issue.
If that doesn’t help, please check if you have a 2-step verification enabled in your gmail, as you’d have to use an application password to authenticate your account in eM Client.

Best regards,

Thank you for your quick reply…
I installed the release in your link --> same problem…
I enabled 2-step verification --> now I get the code on my mobile phone, but after entering the code I still get a blank Window… see pictures below:

any othe suggestions - I really want to get rid off Outlook… :slight_smile:

Hi Stephan,
you misunderstood me, I was just asking if you have the 2-step verification, not to get it - as that sometimes causes the problems with logging in.
Either disable it or set up an app password so you can use eM Client…

Can you check if you have javascript enabled in Internet explorer?

Best regards,