gmail authentication

I’m using em version: 6.024928.0.on window 8.1 and windows 10 .when I add a new Gmail account .authentication window opens and I
enter my account password and I click allow btn the next dialog (the top picture)opens for a short time and closes immediately and again authentication window opens and again this scenario happens repeatedly!
I have try it with different Gmail accounts.


Can you please check and turn two-factor authentication off in your Google account security settings? You can then add those two accounts and turn it on again.


I’ve turn off two-step on my account setting , but it it didn’t solve the problem!

I have the same problem. Add my gmail account and the gmail authentication dialog pops up. After entering my credentials and granting the requested permission the dialog pops up again. This repeats over and over…

I stumbled upon eM client today for the first time, so I hope this can be solved.

Having the same problem. Two step authentication is off. Will have to uninstall if I cant fix this very quickly.