Gmail and spam issues

Same here.
My Android phone with Gmail works just fine, it’s just eM Client that doesn’t do jack.

Also, I’ve kinda always been bothered with spam mail. And when you add an email or domain to the blacklist (or whitelist it), it does absolutely nothing regarding that next time. They said it was not their problem, but one of the emailprovider… yet surely if I can on each occassion throw them over to spam manually, in a IFTTT way you can program it to do it automatically for me. They’re sure are good at shifting blame. If it trully was an MS problem, it would’ve been better documented across the interw3bs and already fixed. It always seems to be something. My work email also still hasn’t been working apart from my phone.

What are the Gmail errors you get in eM Client?

If the message that is to be moved by the Blacklist Rule has arrived unread in the Inbox, then the Blacklist Rule will apply to it if the address in the list matches the address in the message. If the message has been read on another device, or moved or altered by server-side filters, then the Blacklist Rule will not apply automatically.

Another thing is that spammers often change the email address, so what you blacklisted yesterday, may be from a slightly different address tomorrow. The best solution for this is to allow the Google server to handle spam, as they have artificial neural networks that work around the clock to detect spam based on all sorts of algorithms, and not just exact match of email address as we do in eM Client.

Could you stop moving my post away from the main thread and changing the title of the issue?

Nowhere do I say that I’m experiencing any Gmail problems.

I agreed with the general concesus that Em Client on my Windows laptop has major issues with oAuth/Hotmail/Live/MS.

I only mentioned Gmail on my Android phone, as that one IS FULLY WORKING, opposed to eM Client that isn’t.

Learn to read. I was 100% on topic in the first sentence and then elaborated on how again you’re shifting blame on others coming with examples of this and not coming up with a fix as the fault supposedly isn’t on you guyses end.