gmail and microsoft jscript error


i am facing some problems with one computer where i am trying to configure a Gmail account since it gives me a runtime jscript error

I can get till the redirect to the gmail authorization page but there i am not able to click “configure” since it’s grey and it gives me this error without detailing any code
“Errore di run-time di Microsoft JScript: Proprietà o metodo non supportati dall’oggetto”

after i confirm i want it to debug it, it gets to an editor.

let me know if you can help me out.

i am forced to use thunderbird and …please!!!

ps this PC is with xp !!!

Hi Eugenia,
could you please tell me what version of eM Client are you running (Help > About section)?
Also, could you please copy/screenshot the full error message for me? Thank you.



the version is 6.0.24…

Hi Eugenia,
unfortunately this is a Microsoft error, not eM Client’s.
Since Microsoft no longer support Windows XP I am not sure if this issue can be solved, but you can try checking their support.