GMail Accounts Max Issue

Coming in from Postbox i notice that EM is using my browser to connect gmail accounts which places a 10 account limit on gmail accounts. Any way around this or should i stick with postbox. looked into thunderbird and didnt have this issue either.

As far as I am aware of eM Client Pro has “Unlimited accounts”. Suggest to email [email protected] for that query.

Yea this is different. Because the application uses your own browser to verify google accounts its limited by googles restriction not theirs. Unless the pro app uses an entirely different authorization method which is unlikely has the applications standard and pro are the same.

eM Client will pass to your browser to setup the oAuth for the Gmail account. That is a one-time thing that only happens during the account setup. Once the account is setup, there is no interaction with the browser again. There is no restriction on how many times you can do that.