[Gmail account] responding with different email addresses

Hi, i really like your app and i do want to buy a pro licence, but i can’t find a solution to one problem. Currently i’m using gmail web app and gmail account is my “main” account. I’ve got three different mail accounts one on gmail and two from other providers. I’ve set my gmail account to download messages from those additional two accounts so i have all my emails on one web client. Now. It is important for me to be able to answer from the same email address the email was sent to and gmail makes it possible. I can set in gmail that i want to be able to answer from different accounts, not only gmail one. Is it possible in eM ? I can’t find such option. When i add only my gmail account i can answer only from my gmail address.

This can be done by using an alias. If you setup an alias in eM Client for each of the other addresses, then replying to an email sent to that address will automatically be sent from the alias address. You can also manually choose one of the aliases as the from address when sending new mail or replying, if required.

You can add an alias in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then create them in the General tab for that account. The alias also needs to have been configured in the GMail web interface under Settings > Accounts and Import > Send mail as, which I think you may already have done.

OK ! This is great ! Now i’m buying licence :slight_smile: Thank you.