Gmail account, archiving messages issue (twice)

I have an issue with gmail account. when I click ‘archive’, message will disappear from inbox, but then appear again after next ‘refresh’. I have to to press ‘archive’ button twice for each message.

Is it know bug, does it have a solution?

Thank you

I have this same issue. It only started with the upgrade to version 8. I’m running 8.0.2951. I can’t find any configuration settings, so I think this very like is a bug. How do we get it fixed?

I am seeing the same issue in version 8.0.3385.0. Is there any movement on this bug?

Yes, I’ve still got the problem with the latest build. I haven’t seen any progress on this bug yet, but the more messages that get logged about it, the higher the chances of it being fixed are.

I’ve done a little testing and noticed this problem only seems to happen with recent emails. When I archive something that has been in my inbox for more than a couple of days, it archives on the first try. Have you noticed this @Philip_Bishop or @Sergey_Scherbatyuk?

Looks like the latest version 8.1.979 fixed this.