Global versus per-folder views

Is it possible to set a different view on a specific folder?

For example, I want the preview panel to display a selected e-mail in the Inbox folder.  However, I don’t want e-mails put into the Junk folder to get opened.  Showing an e-mail in the preview panel does /open/ it.  I don’t want to open Junk e-mails unless I decide otherwise, like double-clicking on the e-mail or dragging it into the Inbox folder and viewing it there.

I MS Outlook (the Win32 program, not, I can set a global view that applies to all folders (well, to those that share the same custom/standard view style); however, I can disable the Preview panel on a particular folder, like the Junk folder, and enable the option to show the first 1 to 3 lines of the selected message but as plain-text only.  So, I still have a preview of each e-mail in the Junk folder to see, in text only, the first 3 lines of each junked e-mail but that is not opening them (besides headers, the client can request the first N lines of a message).

Since these are junked e-mails, I really do not want to view them in their entirety.  I just want to see the first 3 lines as text only of each junked e-mail to determine to permanently delete them or keep them (by moving into a different folder).

Unfortunately there is only one global view in eM Client and it cannot be changed per folder.

About the only option you have that is somewhat similar to your request is if you have you privacy settings configured to block unsafe content, then it will not download any linked message content. That means it is not opening the message beyond what has already been downloaded from your server.

Do you know if eM Client uses its own rendering engine for HTML content and also its own imaging lib to display images?  If you recall, in the past, clients that relied on the IE libs all fell victim to vulnerabilities in the IE libs.  No one can claim their code is absolutely invulnerable; however, if eM Client uses its own rendering engine for HTML formatted messages (instead of some lib borrowed from a web browser) and own imaging viewer, and because eM Client is a far lesser client to bother attacking, the likelihood of someone sculpting a message to take advantage of any existing defects in eM Client’s code would be severely diminished.

Yes, I could configure eM Client to display message in only text format.  In some clients, like Thunderbird, that does not mandate that only plain text is displayed.  One method in Thunderbird is to attempt interpretation of the HTML content to extract the text.  Just discarding HTML tags but leaving the comment text can result in an unreadable message, but that’s another method of displaying a message as plain text.  A lot of context is lost if HTML formatting is discarded.  Someone trying to show relationships between data points in a table would be hard pressed to ensure a recipient would get tabulated data that would represent those relationships.  Even books have long used formatting to convey meaning, like bold, italics, underlining, strike-through, sectioning using large first letters in a starting paragraph, and other hints in style to convey meaning.  So, tossing HTML altogether means losing content.

It is just the Junk and Trash folders where suspect e-mails may end up where attached images or HTML formatting could cause problems.  I’ve never used an e-mail client that allowed Javascript in e-mails (well, I’ve never used one, but some do support scripting - I think Incredimail does).  Disabling Preview mode and enabling text-only preview per message simply added a layer of protection but only in the folders where it was appropriate.

Thanks for your reply.  I feared eM Client would have only one global view mode.  Since you can alter the sorting order on a per-folder basis, like having messages sorted in descending date order in one folder versus ascending date order in another folder, I was hoping views could be customized per folder.  I’m pretty sure having just one global view mode also means having conversational mode in just one folder would also not be possible; i.e., it’s conversational threading in all folders, or in none of them.

As far as I know eM Client uses Chrome. Maybe an eM Client employee could provide some further technical comment.

Yes, conversation mode is a global option so it cannot be enabled/disabled per folder.