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I know there is a search dialog that is capable of searching in various folders, I can even choose which one to search.

As I’ve got many folders (about 60-70), partly IMAP folders, mainly local folders. 

I would like to have a global search somewhere on the main screen, where I could type in a search pattern and emClient searches all messages (calendar items?) within e.g. the mail subject, body, to, from, cc and bcc fields and shows the results in a grid.

Guess that’s currently not possible, maybe in a future release?


Hi Mike, you can switch the folder selection to “All folders” while you’re using the search, but there’s no Global search.
However you can setup a search folder that would use a search criteria you’ve used while setting up the folder.

To setup a search folder, enable Smart folder in Tools > Settings > General (unless you’ve already done so) and right click on any of the current smart folders in the left sidebar.
Select Display > Search folders, right click Search folders and setup a new one based on your criteria.

Hope this helps,

This helps but will be really good if we have some option which will give us privilege to search all folder if we search like “ALL: [search text]” this will include all folders in search. As selecting " All Inboxes" it is not considering all folder which have mails moved from inbox at mail provider side.
So, waiting for great solution for great application … :slight_smile:

Sudip Barman  

Hello Sudip, when using the search, click on the little magnifying glass in the search bar and select “All Folders” this will allow you to perform search across all your inboxes and subfolders for all your accounts.

Yes, indeed this helps - thanks for this!

I have found an e-mail inside one of my local folders and have searched for a word within a message’s body.

And it seems to be possible to use multiple search words, too, separated by comma or using the word AND.

Hence, when using a comma separated list, emClient obviously performs a search with OR condition. When using the word AND within the search-text, emClient performs, guess what? A search with AND condition.

E.g. searching in all folders using the search-text: speed, story, battlefield will reveal all emails that contain eithe the word speed or the word story or the word battlefield.

OTH, when using the search-text: speed and story and battlefield, ebay you will get emails that contain the words speed and story and battlefield at once. Additionally you will get all emals with the word ebay.

Glad I could help, eM Client uses spaces automatically as the AND condition, so you should not need to use “AND” included in the search as we’re instead of the AND and OR commands using space and a comma as you’ve found out yourself.

Let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Hi Paul you are still working - it’s late in the evening already - at least here in Germany :wink:

Thanks Paul,
This is the option I was looking for, it helps me greatly. Thanks again. 

Sudip Barman

Glad I could help, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.