Glitch in mail address auto lookup

When composing a mail, I can type the name or mail address of the recipient and the client will automatically suggest addresses based on my mail box record. This is one of the features that works so much better in eM than Outlook. However, there is a glitch for Korean name recipeints. It seems to work well for English names, Japanese names, and Chinese names, but not Korean.

If I type the recipient’s name, eM shows the suggestions correctly:

But if I select one of the suggestions:

You can see it only picks up the name of the recipient, not the email address.

If I type the first part of the email address, eM again correctly suggests the candidate address:

If I select the recipient, it correctly picks up both the name and address:

Not sure why this would be broken for one specific language (Korean), but it is quite annoying that I cannot use one of the nice features of eM in my native language. Hope this gets fixed!

ps: the forum is not allowing me to embed more than one image because I am a new user. If I paid for a license, doesn’t it make sense to not have this restriction? Anyway, images are linked from external urls for this reason.
ps2: ok there is also a limit only allowing two links… thus the plain text address of the last image.
ps3: they upgraded me to trust level, so Im editing to embed image uploads