Ghost list of past contact addresses

In a new email, when I type the first few letters of the recipient’s name, a whole list of matching names comes up, which includes every address that person has ever used. Many of these are no longer valid. So, where is this information stored? It’s certainly not in my Contacts list. And how do I set about pruning it?


this is email address whisper function, but you can delete emails from this by clicking or red cross on the right side of that email address.

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Hi John - I’ve ‘x’ 'd a whisper address from a new email recipient box but that didn’t stop the same (obsolete) address re-appearing when I wanted to create another New mail to the recipient’s current address. So I’m not sure you answered Nigel’s attempt to prune.

Hi Martigra,

Maybe the following will help:

Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose

Click on the button [clear recipients history…].

screen shot:

Hi Hans - thanks for the fast response time! The instructions are clear but the potential effect less so . . . What history gets cleared? Hopefully not the email addresses I would want to retain?? 

Hi, what Hand suggested cleans all your recipients history (not your contacts though), but the ones you’ve messaged in the past but don’t have them saved in your contacts.
If you’d like to chose which suggested recipients you’d like to clear, you can click on the “Show recipients” button and review your past recipients.

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Thanks Paul - I’ll shortly check out your response. Best

If I’ve interpreted the screen shot correctly, here is what users need to think about . . . if we want to always be able to implement a search for past emails (a very useful function), never clear recipients history? And if we don’t want to be bothered to delete unwanted/obsolete email addresses by clicking X’s within “Show recipients” then untick “Store composed mail recipients for suggestion” so that sender must instead go to Contacts for valid/current recipient addresses. If I’m off target here, give me a shout!

Hi again, it’s a bit different. Search for past emails should definitely not be affected by clearing your recipients history, as the search is going through data already downloaded (e.g. emails, headers of emails if they were not opened previously etc.), eM Client’s search will still be functioning properly if the recipients history is cleared.

Recipients history or saving the recipients will only prevent seeing double emails or unwanted email addresses. If there’s nothing in the recipients history only contacts available in your contact folder(s) will be shown in the to: field while composing a new message.

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