Getting "Password required" for Gmail IMAP

Just upgraded from 7.0 to 7.2.35182 to try to fix a problem with HTML links not switching to the browser and now all of a sudden i am constantly getting a Password Required dialog for my Gmail IMAP account.

Any help please?


I am no longer getting this message. Now I get nothing.

Apparently the authorization for Gmail is different now, and one does not enter the password in the the EMclient accounts dialog, but rather  EMclient asks Google to authorize through a web browser. It is not working for me and there is no indication of how to fix it.

Can someone help?

After going through all the IMAP port/security settings for my Gmail IMAP account i seemed to get the following to work:   Port: 993, “Use SST/TLS on special port (legacy)”.

So problem solved after a reboot that forced the Google authorization to take place.
It would follow that after upgrading from V7.0 to V7.2 you must reboot your PC, or some other way force a Google re-auth. The same (legacy) setting seems to work for SMTP as well.

A problem that never should have come up for a simple minor release upgrade, seems to have been fixed.