Getting Double-Clicks On Click to Scroll Message List

When i click in the vertical scroll bar in the message list, it scrolls down TWO screens instead of just one.

Using version 6.0.20498.0

Might just be a problem with my touchpad, but it does not seem to affect any other programs on my computer. 

Hi, I’m not completely sure how to replicate this, are you clicking on the arrow in the scrollbar or on the scroll area?
What version of eM Client are you currently using?

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see image.
see post above for version.

Is there anything further to report on this thread?  I am experiencing the same behaviour and it’s making navigating the message list a pain.

Hi Nick, we’ve tried to replicate the issue but we couldn’t confirm it’s occurrence, however we’ve submitted the issue to the developers for more information and further testing, it will be reviewed for future releases.

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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply.
I’m using Windows 8.1.  In a message list using the scroll arrow at the top or bottom of the scroll bar one click scolls the list 2 lines.

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Hi Nick, can you please send me an email to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic?
Are you absolutely sure you’re just using one click? When you hold the button for a bit longer time, the message list can be scrolled further down.

Thank you for understanding,

Did anything ever come of this?

This is happening to me too.  I’ve noticed the following behavior:

  • In the scrollbar area to the right of the message list, if I tap my touchpad above or below the thumbnail, it scrolls the message list two pages instead of just one.
  • This _does not_ happen if I cause a mouse click by pushing the left mouse button.  Only if I click by tapping the touchpad.
  • It also doesn’t happen if I tap the touchpad with the mouse pointer right above or below the thumbnail – only if the mouse pointer is some distance above or below the thumbnail.
  • I get similar behavior if I tap with the mouse pointer on the up and down arrows – it scrolls up or down two lines instead of one.  (Again, only if I tap the touchpad; not if I press the left mouse button).
  • It isn’t only the message list.  The scrollbars for the folder list in Mail and virtually all the Calendar views behave similarly.
    You’d guess it’s probably an issue with the touchpad – like maybe I’ve got the sensitivity set too high.  But this doesn’t happen with the scrollbars in any other application I have installed (at least not that I’ve noticed).  For that matter, it doesn’t happen everywhere in eM Client either – scrolling when viewing the body of a message (both in the preview pane, and in a separate window) behaves normally.